Faraday Future FF 91 gets 381 miles EPA range as it nears production

22 September 2022

It’s double good news day for Faraday Future - first the car is officially getting closer and closer to its production despite numerous delays and obstacles the company had to face. Second bit of news is even better - the EPA rated the FF 91 at 381 miles of range on full charge which significantly exceeded the company's estimations.

Faraday Future FF91Faraday Future FF91

Previously Faraday Future was cautious about the range of its 1,050 hp EV, the company was always quoting a 300+ miles as a target. That falls within the market average, similar in size Cadillac Lyriq has 312 miles EPA rating and Tesla Model X comes with 348 miles of EPA range.

Imagine the surprise when EPA announced the FF 91 has an official 381 miles of range on full charge. That's 613 kilometers in an electric crossover that does 0 to 60 mph in 2.39 seconds. This is really good news for the company and a really good reason for a small celebration.

Faraday Future FF 91 gets 381 miles EPA range as it nears production

Carsten Breitfiel, who is the CEO of Faraday Future went on to say that the EPA results represent a “huge step in getting this car in the hands of our users.” The EPA just crowned the FF 91 as the leader of the luxury and performance EV segment.

It’s been years since the FF 91 was announced and delays just kept on mounting for the company but it appears there is a light in the tunnel, and it’s a bright one at that. The California based factory is nearly complete and is already churning out first production-intent vehicles for evaluation.

FF91 will be an interesting choice in a luxury EV marketFF91 will be an interesting choice in a luxury EV market

The FF 91 is promised to be delivered to its first customers before the end of this year. The EV is very different from other cars on the market, it has a much bigger cabin than its competitors with absolutely ridiculous levels of room and comfort. It features Zero Gravity seats, tri-motor AWD setup with 1,050 hp and rear suicide doors just like the Rolls-Royce vehicles.

Faraday Future is coming from the back of the race, not only catching up to the competition but actually speeding past them. If the company can deliver on its production schedule and volumes, it will be one heck of a competitor with an EV that's hard to beat.